Development Cooperation

Development & Implementation

Public educational projects, workshops and seminars


Fair Trade and a socially and ecologically torable community tourismin the sense of aid for self-aid

Sponsors and bilateral relationships between the African and European continent

Technical and methodical social work


Intercultural exchange between Africa and the Western countries and promotion of international understanding

Project management


Environmental and health awareness programmes

Creation & Support

Cultural institutions in African communities (e.g. expositions, open air stages, studios, radio stations craft producers etc.) in cooperation with existing regional networks and projects.

Documenntation & Conservation

Traditional techniques and knowledge

„Harmonious cooperation, unity, union“

Umoja means in Swahili „harmonious cooperation, unity, union“ and makes up a main principle of democratic Tanzania or rather the free African nations. We have chosen this name in order to show that the network represents an medium for the African people to network inside of Africa and worldwide and to gain Unity and Union in an African or rather a global context by intercultural exchange.

Umoja – Network for Africa conduces to develop and implement educational projects on the African continent and support the local population, to organize themselves.

Primary concern consists in development and implementation of projects and initiatives that help the indigenous groups in Africa, to be able to orientate and to organize themselves better in a cultural, economic and political way and to develop new ideas and ways that give them the possibility to benefit increasingly from the progressive development in Tourism, to conform themselves to climate change and to improve commercial relationships with regional and international enterprises.

Those educational projects shall follow the aim to enable the local population to educate themselves in a number of fields of work such as languages, arts, culture, economy and IT and to gain a greater access to expertise and know-how and to enable them to use their newly acquired capabilities independently and to act entrepreneurial. Additionally it lies an emphasis on the provision of basic education and illiteracy training in order to create a foundation for the achievement of special knowledge.

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